Mercedes –Benz SLK gets a heart of DIESEL for the first time!

Petrol engines are the flabagastors of our pockets today! Money is spent on petrol more than on out more private acquaintances if you know what I mean! We’ll no matter what your bank balance is today, you certainly do need your car to give you a bit of efficiency on the amount of fuel you put into it. Mercedes have thought about this and have come up with a revolutionary DIESEL SLK!

To a lot of you’ll this might sound vague and inappropriate for a car of such stature and power record to have a diesel engine. However, times have changed. Diesel engines aren’t what they were before.

The engines are more refined and easy to maintain which makes it perfect for the common man, the SLK however isn’t a common man’s car. None of the big car makers have a diesel version of their aces to combat the SLK in this section and that is an advantage of sorts!

Mercedes-Benz offers a four cylinder engine in the SLK which churns out 204 bhp and 360 pounds of torque.The 250 CDI does 0-100 in 6.7 which isn’t really bad isn’t it! The power goes to the rear wheels VIA Mercedes’  7G Tronic plus Automatic transmission. And it does 20.4 kmpl!  Which cannot be rivaled by the diesel hatchbacks too!

Eventually Mercedes will introduce a six speed manual gearbox which will make the drive much more sporty and less grumpy. On the outlook, the SLK diesel is certainly a revolution and only time will tell its influence on buyers

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