Mercedes Benz A Class spotted in India

Mercedes has announced that it will bring the B class to India very soon. The B class will be the first car small car from a premium car maker in India, but it might not be the only small car.

Mercedes has hinted that it has intentions of getting the A class to India. Although there is no confirmation on the same, an interesting development has fueled speculations about the car.

Team Bhp member Satyamkaushik has spotted an A class near Delhi. This car could be one of the first test mules in India but the black color car seen in the pictures has a Delhi registration plate and there is possibility of this car being a personal vehicle which is imported to India. The car is older generation of the A class and it is unlikely that Mercedes will get the old car to India. But then car manufacturers testing the older version is not uncommon in India.

We cannot say for sure that Mercedes is testing the car in India but what we can surely say is that the A class will come to India. The car is expected to arrive in India somewhere in 2013 after the launch of the B class. The B class will be priced around the 20-25 Lakh Rs range and The A class will be even cheaper and will retail for around Rs 15-20 lakhs.

The small car segment has remained neglected by the premium manufacturers thus far. Mercedes will definitely want to cash upon the first mover advantage in the small car segment which could mean good amount of sales and an opportunity to regain the number 1 position in India.

Source: Team Bhp

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