Skoda Discontinues Base Variants Of Fabia

Skoda Fabia is a very good car. It is built like a tank, the interiors are of high quality, it has a good ride and handling and most importantly has the premium car feel which its competitors lack. But there are couple of weaknesses like high sticker price and a lack of features on the base variants.

These weaknesses make the car not so value for money and though premium feel is good, it isn’t always a sales driver. With premium feel comes high maintenance costs and this puts off the buyers who are on tight budget and keen on buying the lower spec variants.

Majority of the Fabia sales comes from the top variants and thus Skoda has decided to discontinue the base Active and Active plus variants and also the mid level Ambition variants. Fabia is now available in 2 variants each in petrol and diesel which are as follows:

  • 1.2 MPI Ambition Plus (petrol)
  • 1.2 MPI Elegance (petrol)
  • 1.2 TDI Ambition Plus (Diesel)
  • 1.2 TDI Elegance (Diesel)

In addition to these a variant each in petrol and diesel of the Fabia Scout is also available. The 1.6 petrol performance variant of the Fabia has also been discontinued due to lack of demand which is a direct result of the high petrol prices.

The Fabia has been on the market for quite some time now and the new variant is expected to arrive in 2014. Skoda is trying to increase the localisation to bring the costs down and the new Fabia could well be good value for money.

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Source: Motorbeam


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