Mitsubishi India reduces vehicle prices

Heralding the government’s budget to stimulate the economy, Mitsubishi cut prices of its SUVs – Pajero, Outlander & Montero by Rs.6,000/- with effect from 7th July ‘09. Mitsubishi is one of the first auto manufacturer’s to confirm a price revision after the excise duty reductions were announced.

The Finance Minister in his Budget presentation had mentioned that excise duty on cars/utility vehicles under tariff heading 8702 & 8703, having an engine capacity exceeding 1999 cc has been reduced from 20% +Rs. 20,000 per unit to 20% + Rs.14,000/- per unit. Mitsubishi is passing on the entire benefit to the customers who can expect a Rs. 6,000/- cut in Pajero, Outlander & Montero prices effective 7th July ’09.