Modified Yamaha FZ-S review by Vijin

Hi this is Vijin Kumar from Goa. I am currently doing my diploma in Automobile engineering from Agnel Polytechnic Nuvem. Automobiles are my passion and I love riding bikes.

I would like to share my review and thoughts about my Yamaha FZ-S.

I got my Yamaha FZ-S on the 15th October 2009 and it was my first bike. It’s a great experience to own the Yamaha FZ. A truly great machine

I had a nice time with it from the beginning. It is very comfortable, great handling and a good riding position. I was impressed with its amazing acceleration on its first three gears but the forth and the fifth gear I felt a little under powered but i think  that is what we can expect from a 153cc street bike.

I had done a top speed of 112km/hr on a narrow straight road which also gave me a little disappointment as it did not go more, but was really impressed with its handling and cornering ability. One of the best in its class.

Its breaking is truly amazing while a rear disc would have been link cherry on the cake. Overall it is a great bike but I wanted a little more on the performance side so I thought of modifying my bike for a better performance.

I put my thinking cap and started wondering how I could further improve upon it.

The first thing I got changed was the spark-plug of the bike. I installed a NGK iridium spark-plug and along with it a high tension spiral cord which resulted in a smooth ignition and a better acceleration.

The second change I made is got a new air filter. Installed a Green cotton air filter which increased my mileage from 45 to a 52km/l but sadly it didn’t make any improvement in the acceleration.

Since I did not like the Green cotton air filter got a K&N R-1060 air filter fitted and I was very well impressed with it. It helped to increase the acceleration without affecting the mileage. But one needs to take care while installing and the job has to be done properly.

After than I was thinking of buying the free flow exhaust kit launched for FZ and R15 by the Yamaha (Daytona). But unfortunately it had an MRP of Rs.17000 which was very expensive for me so I thought of buying a free-flow muffler and a custom made bend pipe. Got it installed it resulted and it helped in better acceleration and even some increase in the top speed.

After doing all this above upgrades I only wanted my bike to run smooth. I tried the MOTUL single ester engine oil which really made my bike smooth to ride.

Have also fitted more accessories and got a custom paint job.

Now my bike is a completely different machine with a amazing acceleration and a present claimed top speed of 125km/hr.

I love my bike and thank u all for reading… Please ride safe and wear your helmet while riding.

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