Tata Motors unveils Jaguar XJ,Tata Aria,Iris and Venture at Auto Expo

Tata Aria

Jaguar XJ

Tata Motors is suppose to dazzle at the Auto Expo by displaying 37 vehicles from the Tata, Jaguar and Land Rover brands.Among them are three new Tata vehicles – the Tata Aria, the Tata Venture, the Tata Magic Iris – and the all new Jaguar XJ, which were unveiled yesterday.The Tata stall also showcased the Jaguar XF and XK models.

Jaguar XF

Jaguar XK

Jaguar Luxury Saloon 2010

In passenger vehicles, the Group’s displays range from Jaguar luxury saloons and Land Rover SUVs to Tata Indigo Manza sedans, Tata Indica Vista hatchbacks, the Tata Safari, the Sumo Grande MK II, the Xenon XT, and two specially conceived Tata Nano cars.The Tata commercial vehicles range displays include a brand new Starbus platform, the Prima range of world standard trucks, CNG-fuelled truck pick-up vehicles, and a Winger-based special application.

The unveiling of the all new Jaguar XJ marks its India launch. The all-new Jaguar XJ brings a daring new spirit to automotive luxury, with a mix of striking design, breathtaking performance and engineering.The Tata Aria, to be launched in the second quarter of 2010, blends the functionality and comfort of a mid-range MPV with the all terrain assurance and premiumness of an SUV. Its unique design and construction makes it robust, elegant and comfortable.The less than 4 metre long Tata Venture, to be launched soon, has the footprint and maneuverability of a hatchback car, but the interior space of a utility vehicle comfortably accommodating 8 passengers and ample luggage space.The Tata Magic Iris, to be launched this year, is for public transportation, offering safer and more comfortable mobility for those who depend on three-wheelers. Its spacious car-like cabin can comfortably seat four passengers – three at the back and one in the front beside the driver. With its car-like on-road stability and sheet metal roof it provides car-like safety.
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