New Honda CR-Z Hybrid Vehicle Introduced in Japan

Honda Motor announced the all-new CR-Z hybrid vehicle will go on sale in Japan .

CR-Z combines a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine and Honda’s proprietary Integrated Motor Assist system, and creates fusion between futuristic and dynamic styling and exhilarating driving, along with outstanding fuel economy of 25 km/l.

CR-Z stands for “Compact Renaissance Zero,” which represents Honda’s commitment to go back to the point of origin (zero) to take on the challenge to create a new compact car without being bound by the values of traditional coupes.

Combining the 1.5-litre i-VTEC engine and lightweight, compact IMA enabled CR-Z to achieve the highest level of both fun to drive feel and exceptional fuel economy.  CR-Z is the first model to feature Honda’s three-mode drive system, which enables the driver to choose SPORT, NORMAL or ECON modes depending on the driver’s driving style and/or driving situation such as in the city, on the freeway or on winding roads.

The world’s first 6-speed manual transmission on a hybrid vehicle enhances driving enjoyment. A CVT version features paddle shifters as standard equipment. CR-Z’s dedicated suspension, lightweight and highly rigid body, and thorough control of aerodynamics offer responsive and controlled handling.

The CR-Z offers exceptional fuel economy of 25.0 km/l (CVT) and 22.5 km/l (MT) in 10•15 mode; and 22.8 km/l (CVT) and 20.6 km/l (MT) in JC08 mode.

The Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure enhances self-protection as well as mitigating damage to other vehicles in the event of a collision. Pedestrian-injury mitigation technology helps protect pedestrians from head, leg and other injuries in the event of a collision.

A driver’s i-SRS airbag system with continuously staged inflation, standard on all types, accommodates a broad range of occupant positions and physiques and potential collision situations.Along with the front seat i-side airbag system, the side curtain airbag system helps reduce the risk of head or neck injury in a side impact. Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®), which further improves stability during cornering, is standard equipment on all types.

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Source: Honda