Nissan Student Brand Manager Campus Activity at Goa Institute of Management

Nissan India conducted a unique promotional campaign at Goa Institute Of Management on 2nd November. The campaign was a part of Nissan Student Brand manager initiative and a brand building exercise for its “made-in-India” car Micra hatch and Sunny sedan.

Various fun filled activities were conducted to generate interest amongst the student and professors. The first contest “So You Think You Can Drive? Required the participants to pass through some hurdles in the least possible time. A minimum of 40 Teams took part and burnt the rubber on the track.

The second event “Sunny hai to Money hai” challenged the ‘Space‘that Nissan Sunny offers and the team with maximum no. of participants sitting in the Sunny was awarded a ‘Goodie Bag’. An unbelievable 18 people sat in the car as part of the contest and that shows how much “space’ a Nisan Sunny has on offer.

Adding an element of humour were the colorful props which participants wore and took pictures in creative poses along with the car in the last event for the day “Nissan Calendar Shoot”. Participants were gratified with branded collaterals.

Besides, Nissan models were also placed in the campus and the company executives were also present to provide test drives. The students and professors were also briefed about the cars and its features, which helped in generating leads. The main aspect of the activity was to encourage product experience and develop more walk-ins and enquiries in the state of Goa.

Commenting on the activity, Rahul Garg, Nissan Student Brand Manager, representative, Goa Region: “The activity was successful in creating brand imagery in the mind of the target group as well as top of the mind consideration set. We see B-school Students and professors as potential buyers in the times to come and this exercise was to reach out to them directly. It will definitely reinforce a youthful vibe to the Nissan Micra and Sunny brands.”