Priya Scooter given re-birth.. Trends are back

Trends are back and yes its time again we ride the scooters which once ruled the Indian streets. LML, Piaggio, Lambretta etc. Piaggio has made its third entry in the Indian market with the launch of the all Vespa scooters.

With scooters now in fashion once again, Rohan Andrade who owns many classics planned to give his Priya scooter a complete makeover and restored it to a brand new condition. Rohan approached Regner and the result is an all new Priya scooter with a few paint mods wich gives the scooter a new life all together.

The restorations mainly include a new paint job with white wall tyres, new headlights and tail lights.

Read more about Priya Scooter

The Bajaj Priya was a three geared scooter manufactured by Maharashtra Scooters under a license agreement with Bajaj Auto from 1975. The design was very similar to that of the earlier “Bajaj 150” model which was in turn based upon a Vespa 150 (VBA type) with a slightly modified body.

The makers of Priya scooters, Maharashtra Scooters was jointly promoted by Western Maharashtra Development Corporation and Bajaj Auto. The company was incorporated at Pune in Jun.’75 and it came out with its first public issue in Nov.’77.

The company, at the time of inception, entered into a technical know-how agreement with Bajaj Auto, the tenure of which was specified as 10 years from the date of commencement of commercial production or till the company achieved a total production of 3 lac scooters,whichever is later. Commercial production at its Satara plant commenced in Aug.’76.

Under the scheme of re-endorsement of industrial capacity with reference to minimum economic scales of operation announced by the government, the company expanded the installed capacity of motorised two-wheelers (350 cc engine capacity) during 1985-86.

The company finally discontinued in the early 2000 as scooters demand dropped drastically.

Paint job and mods done by Regnex