Reva plans to launch NXG and NXR

REVA is planning to launch two new exciting models, a 2-door four-seater hatchback and a sporty 2-seater.

The sporty 2-seater NXG or next generation will come with a top speed of around 130Kph with a range of 200kms per charge. Reva NXG will have a power output of close to 50KW, equivalent to 70bhp which is 300 percent more power than the current REVA. This complete lifestyle car has got its styling cues from Dilip Chhabria and would be radically designed as well. The car will sport a targa top that can be opened, and a very wide stance in relation to its 3.5 meter length. The NXG will go into production in 2011.

The NXR or next revolution would be a family car suitable for urban driving and would be spacious then the existing car. Reva NXR can catch up speed of about 104kph, twice the speed of the current car while stretching its legs to 160kms per charge. The NXR plugs into a home outlet and also features optional solar panels on the top which can boost its range with 8kms per day making it about 3000Kms in a year. NXR will go into production in the first quarter of 2010. However in India the NXR will be available with lead acid batteries giving a range of 80 km per charge with a top speed of 80kmph.

The company plans to showcase its latest products at the forthcoming Frankfurt International Motor Show in Germany, almost 10 years after the REVA was launched first. The cars would meet all crash tests and will come with safety features like airbags. The power management will be optimized for each market and its driving conditions with patent software. The car will retain a similar layout – a rear drive with the motor placed between the rear wheels. Other features and price tag will be revealed at the motor show itself.

Reva has used its patented technology, REVive Telematics Technology, a remote energy charge in both the cars that will act like an invisible reserve fuel tank. REVive is a feature unique to REVA that addresses ‘range anxiety’. If a customer runs out of charge, he/she can telephone or send a SMS message to the REVA 24×7 Customer Support Centre and a remote charge enables the REVA’s new models to continue driving within few minutes.

The company is also eying for a US launch since Barak Obama has announced subsidies for the electric car manufactures. REVA would need the necessary certificates to launch its products in the US and the company is working in those directions.

NXR and NXG models will be produced at the company’s new green manufacturing plant in Bangalore with annual capacity of 30,000 units.

Source: Autocar India