User review of Swift ZXI by Siddesh

Hello friends, Let me first introduce myself. I am Siddesh, Just another bike n car freak got this fever for fast machine very early age of 12, that’s also when I started riding first..

My dream is to get into MotoGP.. This dream made me go beyond limits and made me an car and bike addict.. I love travelling, eating, sleeping, partying, riding, driving and most of all the fast cars n bikes on the road.

I love riding n driven at breath taking speed.. Last year I got myself a brand new Maruti Suzuki Swift ZXI The car suits my personality and is just right for me. When I started researching as to which car to buy the options were Ritz, Figo, i20, Beat and the Fabia. It was the Swift which just excited me and then it was no looking back.

After waiting for four hard months since booking I finally got the car in March 2010.I also considered the diesel Swift but then the petrol head I am and the performance of a petrol car made be buy the beauty.

I opted for a White colour top of the line ZXI model with dual front air-bags and ABS (safety is most needed when burning rubber hard on the road).

The main features which just make me drive the car are its stability, comfort and good control. Most of the other cars in its segment lack. My car gives poor mileage of around 10km/litre and also pick up is not the best as I expected. (guess the car needs some boot)

So far I have driven 33000 kms and I drive mostly on the faster but safer side. (No rash driving). My longest drive was when I drove to Pune and touched a top speed of 165kmph. If the car gets some power boost it could have surely touched 200 kmph.

Now I feel the need to modify my car and plan to get basic mods like: Larger alloys, spoiler, vinyl’s and performance upgrades.

So far have not faced any major issues and I Just love my Swift. Friends please suggest me some good mods for my car!!!!

Drive safe and always wear your seat belt.