Royal Enfield: Tour of North East

Starting 12th September, Royal Enfield heads out for a new adventure into the virgin lands of North East India. A 11 day route through dense jungles, broken tracks, over high mountain passes, snow covered hills and rarely travelled roads through the wilderness. The Trip is expected to be challenging and fun filled with plenty of riding in these rustic areas.

A completely different ride the Tour of North East offers an adventure unlike any other before. Most of the route hardly has any civilization and is marked with large desolate stretches surrounded by dense forests, high mountains and rocky terrain.

Over 600kms of the route is a part rarely travelled and unknown even to the local folk of Arunachal. In fact 60kms of this route is over High Mountain passes that the locals insist that a motorcycle can’t traverse hence they travel on foot.

These routes actually provide a great mix of adventure and challenge – nothing that a Royal Enfield can’t tackle and provide breathtaking views with a plethora of unforgettable experiences. The unforgettable experience doesn’t end only at the adventure and fun.

Throughout this ride the Riders will be camping at some of the most magnificent places of the North East, staying in a Buddhist monastery, crossing by ferry to reach a large Island in the middle of the vast Brahmaputra river, staying with the village locals in their houses – eating their food and experiencing their culture and enjoying the warm hospitality that this region is famous for.

Some time would also be spent staying in hamlets located deep inside two famous wildlife sanctuaries of this region namely – Nameri & Kaziranga – famous for their wild one horned rhinos. It would also be a unique opportunity to know the people of This remote village who are deeply rooted in their past and worship the sun god.

On the Tour of the North East, the Riders will ride over broken terrain with deep and treacherous slush and mud at times surrounded by dense forests and no inhabitation, vehicle or any civic amenities anywhere close in sight. The riders would also be riding along the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra and travel across the river on an exhilarating ferry crossing as a reward of this challenging ride.

Along this route the Riders shall also brave near zero visibility foggy conditions, high altitudes, tough offroading, treacherous sections with plenty of slush and deep mud at times with almost little or no tarmac sectors. Riding through this challenging yet exciting and beautiful countryside the Riders on their trusted Royal Enfields shall form strong bonds that will last a lifetime.

While the main theme is an exhilarating experience, the underlying emphasis is on safety in every aspect of the ride. Royal Enfield provides service and medical back up to provide confidence not just to the first time participants but also to their friends and family. The Tour of North East has expert and experienced pilots to guide the group in various areas of bike riding and coping with the weather and terrain.

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Source: Royal Enfield