Tata to launch Aria 4×2 soon

We were one amongst the first to report that Tata will launch the 4×2 version of the Aria and also caught the Aria 4×2 on the Bangalore-Pune express highway.

The news is confirmed and Tata is all set to launch the lower priced 4×2 version of the Aria. The Aria now will be available in the same variants however we can expect some of the premium features to be out like ESP, 6 airbags etc.

Expect the pricing to be atleast down by 1.5 lakhs.  It would be just ideal if Tata could just launch a base variant of the Aria with no frills and thrills at an entry level price of 10 lakhs.

Some of the dealers have received the Aria 4×2 and have commenced bookings already. (we need to check our local dealer soon)

We now hope the Aria will post higher numbers and soon may cross the 500 mark atleast .