Toyota Holds Fortuner Boot camp

Toyota Motor conducted a unique Fortuner 4WD (four wheel drive) Boot camp for the owners of India’s most successful SUV, the Toyota Fortuner.  This exclusive off-roading experience was held at a specially designed course off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, and included an introduction to 4X4 driving basics, eco-friendly practices and fuel-saving techniques.

The customers attending the camp were able to learn and enjoy the pleasures of off-roading that only a capable 4 X 4 vehicle like the Toyota Fortuner can offer.  Highly experienced instructors held both theoretical and practical sessions that comprised steep ascends, steep descends, stone crawling (along the river bed) and overcoming obstacles.

The objective behind setting up such a camp is to provide our customers a unique opportunity to fully experience the off-roading capabilities of the Fortuner in a safe and exciting environment.  We will eventually conduct similar boot camps all over India and will include other Toyota SUVs such as the Prado and the Land Cruiser.”

The Toyota Fortuner 4WD (four wheel drive) Boot Camp is being conducted in association with Autocar (India’s leading automotive magazine), on the 23rd – 24th July.