Toyota U-Trust selling cars online, Used car Selling & Buying tips shared

Just happen the Toyota India website and clicked on the Toyota Trust banner ad. Found the Used Toyota car site interesting and started checking on different links.

Seeing this customer requirements Toyota Kirloskar Motors in India started the Toyota U-Trust  Program. Our main aim is to provide the used car buyer and sellers an experience at par with New Car buyer.

Used car segment in the country is largely unorganized and with Toyota U-Trust the company wanted to ensure our customers gets necessary choice, convenience and transparency when they buy or sell a used car. Toyota U-Trust is one of the better places to purchase used Toyota cars.

Used Toyota cars also fetch a higher market value considering the Toyota brand which is known for reliability and durability.

Some selling and buying tips for used car buyers/sellers

One should take a note of the following points before selling his car:

Ensure that the vehicle is washed and interiors are cleaned before valuation. This will help to fetch a better price as compared to a muddy maintained car.Even for an experienced valuator a spic ‘n span vehicle can do the trick. If your lucky, your vehicle can be valuated with an increased price.

Sell to person, who is reliable – > Prefer original players.  Its always best to sell your car to a genuine buyer and a registered player. Take commitments for ownership transfer, loan closures etc.

Never give your car to somebody for selling – Can be misused. In such cases, your car can be used for unwanted practices. Be sure that you sell your car and not anybody else.Also there is a danger of the car being damaged to meet with an accident which could put the owner in some criminal case charges.

Never try to sell your car through phone, as commitment can change later. A phone call should only be used to create a prospect. A vehicle should be visually inspected. It’s best to show your car and get a price for it.

Always ask how your vehicle was valuated for the price. This is to understand what standards the valuator has used to come up with the vehicle price. This would in a certain way help you in understanding at what price you would have to buy your used car. One may get cheated if not used a mathematical model to explain. Note is some cases perspective value is always higher than the mathematical value. See which value is the highest and close the deal.

Always take onetime payment while selling. Commitment on payments in short amounts should not be accepted. This a must as the buyer can cheat you and may not want to pay the full amount or try and adjust it with some repairs etc.

For buyers one should always buy a car from a reputed used car dealer

Check if all the papers are in place like insurance, Registration certificate, PUC certificate and if possible service history.

Try to find out the main reason for selling and see if the car is accidental free.

Check parts like battery, tyres, and other materials which are prone to wear and tear.

Once you purchase make sure you do scheduled maintenance only at authorised or trusted service centres.