TVS to introduce new AT scooters & Motorcycles

Imagine riding a TVS motorcycle with 150cc plus paired to a automatic gear box, but at the same time experiencing the thrill of an manual shift. Yes this could be very much possible as TVS plans to launch new motorcycles & scooters with its new Automatic transmission technology.

Aiming to strengthen its foothold in the growing two-wheeler market,TVS will launch new automatic transmission scooters and motorcycles from 2013,with 20 per cent better fuel efficiency.

TVS showcased its latest automatic transmission engines for a 110cc scooter and a motorcyle, both likely to come out in the second half of 2013.

“We will introduce the scooter and motorcycle from the second half of 2013.Engine capacity will be from 110 cc.It has fully automatic gearshift and 20 per cent better fuel efficiency compared to conventional technology, with significant reduction in carbon emission”, TVS Motor Company (New Product Development) President Vinay Harne said.

The acceleration and initial performance would improve with this technology and added that engine weight would come down by 15 per cent while for motorcycles it would be higher by five per cent.

The company has filed many patents in India and abroad over the last six years to develop this technology, Harne said the automatic transmission engines would offer the same convenience as in Continuously Variable Transmission technology vehicles.

Harne said TVS would offer variants in both manual and automatic transmission technologies in some existing models, allowing a customer to choose his own vehicle.

The technology would be offered from 110cc to 250cc. “Right now it is 110cc engine.. if you want to develop in a 250cc engine, it is possible”, he said.

Harne said the company has also increased use of aluminium in engines as it would reduce overall weight.

Imagine riding your Apache RTR with the same thrill with an automatic gearbox.. what is your take on this?