Volkswagen Breeze edition Polo and Vento details

Volkswagen introduced the Polo and Vento Breeze action models. To commemorate the introduction of these action models, Volkswagen will be hosting the Breeze Weekend festival at all its 77 dealerships across the country.

The Polo Breeze will be available in all trims of petrol engines. It will be loaded with a state of art satellite navigation system, Rear parking distance control, Leatherette seat covers, Breeze stickers, Breeze pillows and floor mats.

The Vento Breeze will be available on trendline for both petrol and diesel engines. It will be loaded with a state of art Touch screen multimedia players with GPS, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, Breeze branding across the car and luxury pillows.

Polo Breeze

(a)  Satellite navigation system

(b)  Plush leatherette seats covers that ensure complete comfort with immaculately embroidered Breeze branding.

(c)  Rear Park Distance control

(d)  Branded floor mats

(e)  Breeze Branding  & luxury pillows

Vento Breeze

a)    State of the Art Touch Screen multimedia player with GPS, USB and Bluetooth connectivity

b)    Breeze Branding  & luxury pillows