Bajaj Auto to focus on brands for growth

Bajaj Auto believes that its focus on brands will continue in the future which helped Bajaj get more sales especially the Pulsar & Discover.

Mr. Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director said that the key brands today were the Pulsar and Discover motorcycles as well as the RE three-wheeler. Each attribute of a Pulsar or Discover is ‘self-evident’ in terms of its price, cost and the customer concerned. “Strategy is the logic of magic while results are the magic of logic,” he said.

Bajaj says that brands must keep growing and there was no reason to get into consolidation mode. The Pulsar and Discover will continue to see more initiatives in terms of design/styling, performance and price.  The alliances with KTM and Kawasaki will also be key components of this growth plan.

Bajaj has just launched its Discover 150 @ Rs. 46,000 and also got tremendous success from its Pulsar 135 and Discover 100.