Bangalore woman rides a Harley-Davidson

Sheeja Mathews , an HR professional with an MNC in Bangalore, is the first woman in India to own a Harley-Davidson. Sheeja, 34, had placed an order for the Harley-Davidson; Iron 863′ model, costing Rs 6.5 lakh (ex-showroom), in February this year;

“Though there are other superbikes available in India, I always dreamed of owning what I firmly believe is the ultimate superbike: a Harley-Davidson ,” says Sheeja.

Sheeja has a passion for bikes and adventure sports, like drag racing. She has been riding bikes from the age of 15. For the past 10 years, she has been riding her husband’s Yamaha Rajdoot 350 to work. “Due to heavy traffic in the city, I intend to take the Harley to office only once a week. I will mainly use it for long weekend cruise trips,” she says. Sheeja’s husband, a drag racer, is supportive of her passion.

Sheeja believes women are increasingly taking to biking, and wouldn’t be surprised to see many more sporting Harleys on the street. Bangalore already has a sizable number of women riding bikes like Bullets and Pulsars.

Source: ET