Chevrolet launches Beat diesel

Chevrolet India launched the all new Beat in India. The car is equipped with a 1.0 XSDE SMARTECH Common Rail Diesel engine made exclusively for India.

The engine develops 58.5 PS and a whopping torque of 150 Nm, this incredible engine promises an impressive mileage of 24* kmpl.

The new XSDE SMARTECH engine gets a Fixed Geometry Turbocharger with vacuum operated wastegate for smooth, efficient operation and superior torque delivery from very low engine RPMs for a peppy drive. The engine gets a new feature: Launch Support Logic which assists the driver to launch the car effortlessly on slopes. The engine oil only needs to be changed every 15,000 km or 1.5 years, for lower maintenance costs.

Chevrolet Beat diesel price (ex-showroom New Delhi) –

PS – 4.29 lakh

LS – 4.59 lakh

LT – 4.99 lakh

LT optional (ABS, Airbags and Alloys) – 5.45 lakh

The three-year / 100,000-km engine and vehicle warranty offered with the Beat Diesel is the most comprehensive in the mini-diesel segment.

Chevrolet’s Intel drive technology

Pro-Vario Assist Featherlite – EPS (PAF EPS)

•Smoothest easy drive Electronic Power Steering

•Human Comfort Technology for higher power steering assist for lowest effort in parking maneuvers & low speed driving.

•Road speed dependant progressively variable assist levels above 40kmph for increased road feel & optimum vehicle control.

Intelligent Launch Support System (ILSS)

•ILSS ensures effortless launch, specially on gradients in conjunction with Advanced Insta-Torque Boost (AIB) &  Electronic Throttle.

•Electronic Clutch Switch detects clutch pedal has been pressed therefore optimum torque is delivered.

Advanced Insta-Torque Boost (AIB)

• Smart Turbo-charger with vacuum activated wastegate cuts in smoothly for instant torque build-up.

•Highest Torque per Litre in Mini Segment.

•Helps during overtaking maneuvers by sensing torque demand & providing instant torque through immediate engine RPM increase.

Smart Engine & Clutch Protection Mode (SECP)

• Engine Protection Mode manages engine torque & power output based on inputs from coolant temperature sensor and engine oil pressure sensor.

•Smart electronically controlled logic ensures launch RPMs are maintained in the safe zone.

•Clutch Assembly protection during car launch on grades – specially designed for Indian Driving Conditions & New Drivers.

•Aids Fuel Efficiency and minimizes clutch wear for lower running & maintenance costs.

Gas Charged Rebound Tuned Suspension (GRTS)

•GRT suspension tuned to maximise ride comfort and dynamic vehicle handling.

•Specially tuned suspension for Indian driving conditions & customer preferences.

•Wider tires aid better road grip and enhance high speed cornering as well as braking efficiency