Force to showcase new models at Auto Expo

Force Motors which entered the growing passenger car market in 2011 with the One SUV plans to launch more models in India. The company will use the 2012 Auto Expo to showcase the future models which the company plans to add in the next few years.

Force Motors will display two variants of its SUV, Force One, at the Delhi Auto Expo next month. One variant includes the All Wheel drive “One 4×4” variant and the other equipped with ABS. Force One is powered by a 2.2 Litre common rail turbo diesel engine, an upgraded version of the OM 611, which is a Daimler product. The engine is mated to a 5-speed manual transmission and suspension & Chassis has been tuned by the UK based Lotus.

The SUV develops a power of 140Bhp@3800rpm and a Torque: 321Nm@ 1600 RPM.

Prasan Firodia, managing director, Force Motors said “We will show a four-wheel drive and a concept luxury weekend getaway versions at the Auto Expo, with the latter having luxurious interiors. We will also show a new 26-seater monocoque bus which will go into regular production by April 2011.”

The bus will also have two variants, a luxury version which will seat between 10-18 people and the standard 26-seater. Firodia said these buses are targeted at inter- and intra-city needs with the luxury bus being a scaled down version of the standard-setting Volvo luxury coaches.

Force Motors has announced that the company will launch a MPV which will be based on a old Mercedes-Benz platform and will be powered by the same engine which does the duty on the One SUV. The company is also planning to launch a facelifted variant of the Trax MUV. Force Motors will also show its Hybrid Traveller coach while it plans to offer CNG on its small commercial vehicle, the Trump, the report mentioned.