Goa: Drive against traffic violations to continue in Margao

The Deputy Superintendent of Police, traffic south, Mr. Gajanan Prabhudessai  said that the Margao traffic cell launched a drive against violation of Motor Vehicles Act and Rules and booked in all, 11,791 offences, of which, 11,768 were compounded since January 2010.

He said that fine of Rs. 12,62,800 were collected from defaulters during this two and half month period. The main objective of the drive was to bring traffic discipline and better road sense, among motorists.

Mr.  Prabhudessai said that cases of sounding and using harsh horn, parking in no parking zone, driving without uniform, over speeding, failure to issue ticket to passengers, etc were booked. Cases like driving vehicle in no entry areas, driving vehicle without license or permit and driving under the influence of alcohol were also booked.

Fines were also levied where vehicles were found to have registration plates, which were not in conformity with the stipulations.

He informed that 82 drivers were booked for driving vehicles without a valid driving license, while 65 were booked for rash and negligent driving, and 85 for driving under the influence of alcohol. 46 were booked for over speeding, while 1,189 were booked for unauthorised parking.

As many as 1645 drivers were booked for entering into no entry zones and 989 were booked for violation of traffic signals. He said that 3356 riders were booked for not wearing a safety helmet and a fine of Rs. 3,35,600 was collected, while 489 had to pay a fine of Rs. 48,900 for not using the seat belt while driving. 297 cases of overtaking were booked and fines amounting to Rs. 29,700 were collected. Fine of Rs. 88,500 was collected from the riders for improper number plate and 189 were booked and fined Rs. 18,900 for driving the vehicle without rear view mirror.

In other cases, drivers who did not have the mandatory Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificates were booked. Other cases involved private vehicles being used as tourist vehicles, no tax remittance challans and vehicles without insurance cover and registration certificates.

It was also pointed out that no lights, other than those permitted in the Motor Vehicles Rules can be fitted on the vehicle. This includes spotlights, searchlights, mercury lamps and moving fancy lights. Dome lights are also not permitted, unless specifically authorised.

He said that vehicles on the roads must meet a certain standard of road worthiness, as set out by the road vehicles regulations, and the road vehicles lighting regulations.

Source: Navhind Times