Honda unveils Electric Scooter, EV-neo

Honda launches the EV-neo, an electric scooter. Honda has designed this scooter to provide the durability necessary for business use, envisioning a wide range of uses by businesses such as delivery services Equipped with a lithium-ion battery and a brushless motor, EV-neorealizes excellent environmental performance with zero CO2 emissions in use.

The battery is rechargeable using a household power source with attention given to the range per charge. Moreover, EV-neo provides performance equivalent to that of mass-market under-50cc gasoline engine motorcycles realizing a powerful ride even with cargo by leveraging the characteristics of a high-torque motor even at a low speed ride.

Under the key words of “quiet and clean” Honda held the world premier exhibition of the EV-neo concept model (under the name EVE-neo) at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show in 2009 as one of Honda’s new-generation personal mobility products which will contribute to the realization of a low-carbon society while transporting people and cargo. The mass-market model of EV-neo is currently under development.

Honda will continue providing products with excellent environmental performance to more customers in order to contribute to global CO2 emission reduction efforts.

Honda could launch the elcetric scooter in India as India is the second largest 2 wheeler market in the world. Honda would face some good competition from Hero Electris, Yo Bykes and BSA Motors.

Key specifications of EV-neo Prototype

Dimensions (L×W×H) 1,820×693×1,066 (mm)
Range Over 30km (at 30km/h on a flat road) per charge
Battery type/make Lithium-ion battery manufactured by Toshiba
Charge performance charged in approximately 4 hours (100V power source)