How many moments have you lived

The genesis of Live the Moment has been an attempt to bring together the spirit of both the car and the driver. Maruti Suzuki believes that much like Ritz’s core target, the young urban consumers of today who have a perfect balance of purpose and fun in their lives, and enjoy everything that they do.

Ritz too brings together the advantages of class leading mileage, space, performance in an extremely stylish package that is always fun to drive and hence is an ideal companion for these young urban families.

Live the Moment is an attempt to express this reality of enjoying all the moments of life, whether big or small and yet being in control and not losing the sight of purpose.

The TV commercial (TVC) captures multitude of such moments in a typical buyers life and tries to create a strong emotional connect with the buyer.

From small moments to the longest moment chain

Having established the foundation with the TVC, the attempt now is to take the relationship to the next level. The effort here is to engage him and make him part of the Ritz world. To do this Maruti Suzuki has devised a huge activation exercise, where people from all walks of life and across the country will be asked share their moment and how they have lived this moment.

The moments can be big or small, new or old, serious or whacky. Anything that is worth living is worth sharing. Aptly named Live the Moment contest, central to this exercise will be the promo site –, where all the action will be compiled in real time.

People can share their moment here or through Twitter & Facebook and various other social media and see their moment as part of the live feed. Everyone will be given an unique moment ID for the moment that he or she shares. People will be also asked to vote for the best moment.

There will be daily and weekly prizes for the best moment of the day or the week. To increase the chances people can also bring in their friends to vote by sharing their moment through emailing list or their social media contact.

The best moment of the exercise will be decided by the highest number of votes and the decision of the jury appointed by Maruti Suzuki. The grand prize in store here is a chance to win a brand new Maruti Suzuki Ritz. It is a unique ever case where in a car a is given out free using online & social media

Maruti is expecting huge buzz through social media and Facebook fan recommendations.  On its official Facebook Fanpage ( and Twitter Page ( daily updates around the contest will be made. For regular information around the ‘Live the Moment’ Contest one must visit these pages on a regular basis.

All in all things have been clearly lined up to generate a lasting impact on the brand.