Kawasaki Ninja 650R launched in Goa

Kawasaki has launched the Ninja 650R in Goa. The new 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650R gets a complete makeover which makes it look ultra-stylish but the bike will be available only in limited numbers.

Here is a small review by of the GEARS admin, Akshay Prabhu Tendulkar aka APT.

It was a day of 6th September. A usual day at office & I was getting ready as weekend was near. All of a sudden I decided to go online on Facebook as my boss was nowhere in sights 😉

Then I come across a post from my friend & Showroom Manager of Bajaj PBK Mr Rahul that the 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 has finally landed in Goa. It was the 1st of the 2 bike allotted by Kawasaki to Goa. I was damn excited & was just waiting to see the ‘Big Green Monster’ in real.

From the spec sheet I knew that the bike was sporting a liquid cooled 649cc DOHC mill which produces 71PS and 66Nm of power and torque respectively. These were indeed some healthy specs for a bike that realizes ones superbike dreams & satisfy the hunger for more power & speed by being well within the reach.

The bike cost around 5.50 Lakhs on-road here in Goa (P.S: this is very steep pricing as compared to commuter bikes, if one can afford & wants to buy a legal/official superbike in India then its very less!)

So the day arrived on Friday & got a call from PBK that bike is now up for display to public & will be in showroom for just 1 week. So I winded up my pending work at office as fast as I could & rushed to the PBK with camera to snap the bike.

When I reached I saw this spectacular looking bike through the mirrors of the showroom & literally swayed away with the sheer looks & the elegance this machine carried along when it was just standstill (Wonder how it will look when it will zip past in traffic & on autobahns!).

After having a close look what I noticed first was the top notch quality from Kawasaki. And the very next moment when I was admiring the bikes beauty, came in a sudden bitter bite with that very ugly looking saree guard on the bike. ‘Damn man! Who the hell will get astride this bike with a saree on??’ Soon after I was recovering from the bad taste of the saree guard, I was handed over the key of the bike to check how it ‘feels’. So I tucked in the key in the uniquely placed ignition hole on the bikes tank & turned the key.

The analog-digital combi speedo came to life with the self-check cycle & it had really ambient looking white backlight which made reading the values on speedo easy even during bright sunlight. Press the starter switch & parallel twin motor came to life making quite a loud idle growl & typical note which the parallel twins produced. Sad that I could not get the machine to spin on the roads as the bike was for display only & was booked by a lucky enthusiast. Well this sums up my meet with this beauty in Goa.

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A special thanks to Akshay for sharing the review and the photographs