Maruti plans A-Star Automatic

Maruti Suzuki may launch A-Star with Automatic  gear box.  Considering the increasing traffic and increasing women driving population it will be good buy, for those who want a hassle free drive.

Already Hyundai offers the popular model i10 and i20 in the automatic versions. With A-Star it will help increase the market and could choose between more models.

Maruti Suzuki, which already exports A-star Automatic to Europe, is all set to launch it in Indian market. There is a lot of buzz that Maruti A-Star automatic will hit the market before the end of July and will be paired with 4-speed autobox, just like the European version.

Going by the recent Maruti pricing, it is believed that Maruti will price the A-star automatic very aggressively and undercut the Hyundai i10 automatic by a huge margin. Though the official spokesperson of Maruti has not confirmed the development, auto enthusiasts expect the Maruti A-star Automatic to cost Rs.50,000 more than the manual variant.