Mercedes-Benz India lunches Star Lounge

Mercedes-Benz has always been at the forefront of creating lifestyle and luxury experience for its customers across the world. As part of its commitment towards world class buying experiences, ambience and hospitality in products, Mercedes-Benz India has set-up the first ever Star Lounge at the high profile Delhi International Airport (Terminal 3). With exclusive products and a hospitality service like never before, this lounge will provide air travelers a whole new perspective into the world of Mercedes-Benz.

The Star Lounge will introduce travelers to an inimitable Mercedes-Benz experience, which includes a host of exclusive products and merchandise. These will include scale models of their legendary vehicles, key chains, polo shirts, golfing items and other incredible accessories. This one of a kind concept allows the consumer s the luxury of experiencing the look and feel of the products first-hand. Extending the authentic experience, the magnificent SLS-AMG will be on display at the lounge.  Even as regular travelers can experience the brand through Interactive kiosks, books and brochures, owners of Mercedes- Benz vehicles can indulge in the deluxe hospitality of the brand in a separate café area.