Mercedes-Benz M-class: All Tech Explained, 150 plus Images

Mercedes-Benz is all set to launch the all new M-Class tomorrow. Mercedes will launch the ML-Class 350 CDi at a starting price of Rs. 68,46,667 ex-showroom Goa and On road Rs. 75,22,370.

We take this opportunity to explain all the technology of the new Mercedes-Benz M-class is packed with.

The new M-class Mercedes Benz makes a new take on effortless superiority: powerful, dynamic and expressive, but also efficient, refined and responsible. It is a model of environmental responsibility, from the integrated ensemble of BlueEFFICIENCY measures, ECO start/stop function to the standard fit 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission. The visual V-shape styling of the rear apron and radiator area is complemented by many other design details to give the vehicle a particularly impressive presence and sets standards with its excellent aerodynamics.

The combination of 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive and 4ETS gives the M-Class the optimum traction characteristics and impressive pulling power, even in challenging terrain. High driving stability is ensured by the electronic stability program ESP. The PRE-SAFE system can recognize critical situations as soon as they start to develop and Brake Assist (BAS) is always ready to help deliver the maximum breaking force.

In the new M-Class, you can enjoy the ride all the way down again due to the patented DownHill Speed Regulation System and the cruise control lever allows the speed to be adjusted at any time.


The new M-Class adopts a holistic approach, combining agility and dynamism with efficient technologies as well as innovative measures aimed at optimizing both fuel consumptions and emissions. Measured against comparable predecessor models, the new engine range for the M-Class offers an increase in performance of up to 23% with a simultaneous reduction in fuel consumptions and emissions of up to 28%.

The BlueEFFICIENCY comprises a whole package of specific measured : Optimised aerodynamics, ECO start/ stop function, 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission optimized to reduce fuel consumption, Ancillaries with energy saving contro, radiator shutter, alternate arrangement with kinetic-energy recuperation, current fuel consumption indicator, specially designed tyres and wheels for reduced rolling resistance.

Diesel Engines:

The new M-Class features the latest BlueEFFICIENCY diesel technology, which is powerful and quiet with impressive emission and fuel consumption figures. The ML 350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY 4MATICalso puts emphasis on efficiency.

The V6 diesel engine 190 kW/258hp and the fast piezo injectors, a high injection pressure between 1600-2400, and an optimized turbo-charger combine to produce an immense peak torque of 620Nm which translates into effortless superior pulling power in all driving situations with a reduced environmental impact and fuel consumption. Furthermore the ECO start/stop function ensures that the engine is switched off temporarily when the vehicle is stationary.


The new M-Class is fitted with the enhanced 7G-TRONIC PLUS 7-speed automatic transmission and the DIRECT SELECT lever on the steering column. Severn forward gears allow optimum revs at all time. The improved electrohydraulic control unit, together with optimized engine and transmission software, results in more dynamic gear changes and even greater shift quality.

The DIRECT SELECT lever on the steering column allows to set the automatic transmission positions P, N, R and D simply by giving a light tap. The function commands are then transmitted wholly electronically. Additionally steering wheels gearshift paddles also facilitate manual pre-selection of the seven gears, so the drivers can decide to change the gears themselves or whether they prefer gear change to be taken care of automatically.

Chasis and Suspension:

The Chasis and Suspension of the new M-Class in impressive with the 4-MATIC permanent all-wheel drive which offers dynamic handling and enhanced stability both on and off the road. The 4MATIC is assisted by the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and the Electronic Transaction System (4ETS) with integral ABS and ASR functions which provides additional support for the all-wheel drive. 4MATIC makes conventional differential locks practically superfluous.

The offroad-driving mode supports the driver when using the vehicle offroad by adapting the settings of the engine output, automatic transmission, ABS, ESP, SETS.

The DownHill Speed Regulation (DSR) allows the driver to set a speed of between 2 and 18 km/h which is maintained, within the bounds of physical possibility, through automatic control of the engine and transmission as well as the application of braking force.

The suspension of the new M-Class with its adaptive damping system is extremely well prepared for a dynamic driving style yet delivers a remarkably comfortable ride at the same time.

The Direct-Steer system reduces the steering effort required in the case of large steering angles- when parking or negotiating tight bands. The M-Class has the smallest turning circle in this segment at 11.80vmeters.Power assistance is provided electromechanically and diminishes as the road speed increases.

The Steel suspension with selective damping system enhances the dynamic handling and comfort characteristics of the new M-Class compared with the predecessor models and also reduces noise and vibration. As the damping system adjusts automatically to the driving situation, the damping effects and stability are enhanced, especially on uneven grounds.

The AIRMATIC air suspension adjusts automatically to the prevailing road and driving conditions by modifying the setup in accordance with the road surface, driving style and with the road surface.

Safe Driving:

The Safe Driving feature in new M-Class are able to intervene before an accident on occur. The ATTENTION ASSIST warns the driver as soon as it finds signs of increase in attention or drowsiness. Sensors analyse driving behaviour and can determine deviations from a previously determined, individual driver profile.

The PRE SAFE systems can detect critical driving as they start to arise and initiate protective measures to protect the occupants. The M-Class is equipped with 9 airbags which can help reduce the risks of injury in the event of collision.

Climate Control:

The Climate Control system for the new M-Class is exceptionally versatile and can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the individual occupants ensuring a high level of stress relieving safety. The THERMOTRONIC system allows the driver, front and back passenger to set the temperatures for the respective areas of the vehicle independently.

Load Compartment Management:

The interiors of the new M-Class is so spacious that 3 child seats can be secured next to each other without any difficulty. The rear bench seat offers not only a large amount of knee room, but also plenty of interior height and particularly generous shoulder and elbow room. It takes just a few adjustments to fold the 1/3:2/3 split backrests and cushions of the second row forwards to create a flat load area. With the rear seats folded, the tailgate gives you access to load area with N almost flat floor with a capacity of 2010 liters.

The EASY-PACK tailgate which can be opened or closed automatically allows the load compartment to be loaded/ unloaded conveniently. The tailgate is opened and closed by using either a switch on the driver’s door, the push button on inside of tailgate, the buttons on the remote control or the exterior tailgate handle.

Multimedia Systems:

The new M-Class can be optionally equipped entertainment, the COMAND Online multimedia system and the Read Seat entertainment System for the rear passengers.

The COMAND Online system is a combination of audio and navigation systems as well as telephonic and internet functions. Entertainment is provided by the DVD drive and MUSIC REGISTER with a 10 GB hard disc. An internet capable mobile phone provided access to the web as well as Mobile services from the Mercedes Benz. USB, Aux-in, Bluetooth interfaces are provided as standard, as is a SD memory card slot.

Assistance Systems:

Assistance systems provide the driver with additional support in various driving situations and further enhance the feel of comfort and security.

The ACTIVE PARKING ASSIST system automatically looks for a suitable parking space and also parks the vehicle automatically at the touch of a button, with the driver only required to operate the accelerator, transmission and brakes after stopping, accepting the proposed parking space and selecting reverse. The Reversing camera with its wide angle lens sends images of the area behind the car to the COMAND display. The Reversing camera is activated only when reverse gear is engaged, thus enhancing safety when reversing into a parking space.

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