Mishaps taking toll on motorcyclists in Goa

For a change, there has been a marginal reduction in the number of accidents and the fatalities in the State in the first nine months of the year. However, the number of motorcyclists losing their lives continues to be more than the four wheelers and other vehicles.

“Till date there have been 3016 accidents reported till September 30, 2009 as against 3090 accidents during the same period of time last year,” Superintendent of Police Arvind Gawas told Herald. He said that there is a decrease of 74 accidents, which is 2.39 per cent less than last year.

“In the 3016 accidents, 219 lost their lives as against 235 during the last year,” he said adding “here is a decrease in fatal accidents by 6.8 per cent.” Gawas said that out of 219 fatal accidents reported 116 were motorcyclists. “It means 52.96 per cent people who have died are motorcyclists,” he stated. Also, he said, “two wheelers account for 37 per cent accidents and that is why we are after them to wear helmets.”

However, he said, the two wheeler riders feel we are unnecessarily harassing them when we fine them.
“The reduction of death on national highways is due to strict action taken by the traffic and transport departments,” he said. Further, Gawas said there is no reduction of accidents on other roads (rural, internal etc) and therefore we appeal for use of helmet on all roads.

To a query, the superintendent said, most of the accidents take place in the month of December when the tourist season is in full swing. “We will continue our strict action against drunken driving, which happens mostly during tourist season and December in particular,” he said adding “…therefore we have equipped ourselves well to keep drunken driving in check.”

He said the department has 20 alcoholmeters, to check if a person is under influence of alcohol. When asked about the condition of the interceptors, which checks speed of the vehicles, he said they were not in perfect condition. “There is a defect in the speed radars and since it is imported we have asked for the parts from abroad,” he said adding “once the parts come in the interceptors will start working again.” The police department has 20 alcoholmeters to check whether the motorist is under influence of alcohol.

Source: Herald