Tata launches Indigo Manza

Tata Motors launched its new generation sedan, the Tata Indigo MANZA. Built on its new car platform, the Indigo MANZA succeeds the highly successful Tata Indigo, which became a best-seller in the very first year of its launch in 2003 and has since then sold close to 275,000 nos of the range.

The Indigo MANZA is an altogether new car. A complete new body on a new platform houses an all new interior and makes a bold styling statement. With a length of over 4.4m, a width of 1.7m, and a wheel base of 2,520mm, the sedan has grown in size and thus in interior space. The front wraparound three barreled headlamps– one of the most striking headlamp units on any car in India– add to the linearity while giving the Indigo MANZA a feline aggressive appearance.

The large 15” wheels, ensconced in their flared arches, give it a higher and more commanding stance. The chrome inserts on the rub rails and outer door handles add that touch of class. The new rear monolithic angular shaped tail lamps give the profile an unmistakable noticeability for following cars. The trunk has a capacity of 460 litres to meet every need of travel.

The Indigo MANZA is designed to offer the very best in comfort, both for the driver and passengers, compared to any other car in its category. The spacious right inclination rear seats with a centre armrest, allow one to sit back and relax, in a living room like comfort and ambience. The interiors exude a fine blend of technology and luxury. The rich two tone fabric endows the cabin with a warm feel. The tilt adjustable power steering with a height adjustable driver seat allows a comfortable driving posture.

The car comes equipped with electronically adjustable and controlled Outer Rear View Mirrors. The driver information system on top of the central console provides information on fuel consumption and ambient temperature, while the sporty instrument cluster shrouded in the swoop of the soft-feel dashboard completes the styling statement. A 2 DIN Music System offers connectivity with a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity through the Blue5, a feature not even available in premium cars. The audio controls of the music system are mounted on the steering wheel, for ease of access while driving.

The safety features in the Indigo MANZA include a collapsible steering column, Anti-lock Braking System and Dual Frontal Airbags amongst others. Instead of the usual red line on the tachometer, the Critical Rev Indicator needle turns red when the engine crosses a critical RPM. The engine immobilizer and the central locking feature are conveniences for additional security.

The drive refinement of the Indigo MANZA stems from the internationally-acclaimed 90 hp Quadrajet Diesel and Safire Petrol engines, sourced from Fiat. The petrol engines are configured using a Continuous Variable Cam Phaser, which smartly adjusts valve timings and intervals for power delivery. In addition, the electronically controlled Intelligent Port Resizer (IPR) function in the Safire engine delivers a perfect balance of power and economy.

The Quadrajet diesel engine features a Variable Geometry Turbocharger for smoother running and an aluminum bedplate along with superior insulation that reduces NVH levels while delivering a superior power to weight ratio. The Drive by Wire technology virtually eliminates all “throttle lag” leading to a faster, smoother response. The Quadra jet diesel is certified by the ARAI to give a mileage of 21.02 kms to a litre, while the Safire Petrol is certified for a mileage of 14.5 kms to a litre .

The car comes with a warranty of 2 Years/75,000 kms, amongst the best in the industry, and will be available in a range of 7 colours through 224 dealerships with 493 sales points across 401 towns in the country. The car is priced at Rs. 4.8 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi for the petrol Safire for the base Aqua version going upto Rs. 6.75 lakhs ex-showroom Delhi for the highest Aura+ version of the Quadrajet diesel.

A rationalised portfolio of the existing Tata Indigo range- the Indigo CS, Indigo XL and the Indigo Marina- will continue to exist. Between the existing Tata Indigo range and the new Tata Indigo MANZA range, customers will have a choice at every step of the Rs. 3.73 lakhs– Rs. 6.75 lakhs price range.

Source: Tata Motors