Seven seater Fiat 500XL revealed in official patent drawing


Fait is planning a seven seater version of the 500L to cash upon the surge in demand in the compact MPV segment. It will be called 500XL and is likely to have 2 jump seats in addition to the 2 rows of seats in the 500L.

The official patents of the 500XL have been revealed. The front and the rear are similar to the 500L and there aren’t many visual changes to differentiate the 500XL from the 500L . However, The 500XL is 150mm longer than the 500L primarily to accommodate the extra seats. The wheelbase though is the same as the 500L and all that extra length goes to the rear overhang. The 500XL is similar in size and will compete with Maruti’s Ertiga and soon to be launched mini Xylo from Mahindra. If priced correctly the 500XL has the potential to give these cars a run for its money.

According to recent reports, the 500XL will likely enter production towards the end of 2013 and will be available in Europe and other markets. However it will not be sold in the US as Fiat thinks that such a small seven-seater model will be impractical for the US market. We expect the car to arrive in India as soon as it is launched elsewhere. Fiat is lagging behind its rivals in India and will not want to miss an golden opportunity to stage an revival which is  likely to happen with the launch of 500L, 500X and 500XL cars

Source: carscoop

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