Ownership Review of old Fiesta Classic by Doctor Cuncoliencar

The GoaOnWheels team caught up with a Dr. Bramhanand G. S. Cuncoliencar, Rtd. Medical Superintendent of Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behavior, Bambolim for his passion for cars and also sharing his experiences of his unusual patient, his 5 year old Ford Fiesta Classic.

Ford Fiesta was docs 4th car in a span of 20 year as he would dispose them off  after 5 years. His first car was a Maruti Van, followed by a Maruti 800, Hyundai Santro and the latest Ford Fiesta which was bought from Caculo Ford on 11/11/2006 for 7.9 lakhs on Road price. Almost about 6 years in Nov’2012 and 80k kms driven, the doc is in no mood of selling this car.

We asked doc after driving Maruti, Hyundai cars, what made him go for the Ford brand. Doc gently said that he wanted a economical, fuel efficient car and luckily at that time Ford Fiesta was in the news for being a car with a never heard mileage of 32 km/l.

Without any second opinion, he decided to go for the sedan. Doc further stated that he wanted a car which has been researched over a sufficient long years, drives smoothly on ragged Indian roads and gives comfort without tiredness on long rides. Ford Fiesta 1.4 Duratorq Diesel had all these qualities and he instantly purchased the car, without having to waste his precious time on reviewing other cars.

We asked doc about how has been experience been driving the Ford vehicle for more than 5 years and whether there are any shortcomings in the car. The doc replied that his journey with the fiesta has been smooth and best, the top speed touched in 120 km/h without vibrations with ample opportunity for pressing the paddle even harder and a staggering mileage on 18-21 km/litre.

However the doc also said although the interiors are classy and spacious, there isn’t much safety feature provided in the car apart from the usual seat belts and hoped that in future the ford should come up with driver and passenger air bags. He also said that rear wiper would be important as it is difficult reversing the car especially when it rains.

We asked whether in there were any major problems/maintenance cost that he had to bear for the fiesta during the 5 years. The doc replied that there was problem with the Air Conditioner and the replacing the gear assembly after 3 years and each incurred a cost of 10k. Apart from that there is no much problem with the car as the maintenance servicing is regularly done after 10k kms.

Curious to know, we asked doc whether he would buy car from Ford again? The doc with a spark on his face said yes and a higher model. Guess the doc is aiming for the Fiesta AT.

The GoaOnWheels team asked the doc if he could give some valuable tips to the readers of GoaOnWheels about safe driving. The doc said :

“Today the vehicles on the road have increased leaps and bounds and the roads are still the same in width and quality has only deteriorated. So it is not only that we have to take care that we don’t hit the other passer by car, but the other cars also don’t hit you.

All the new drivers who are coming out of the driving schools, there is a big difference between driving the driving school car and then your personal car. In the driving school car, even if you go off road, there is trainer to get you back on track, but when you are driving your own car, you are your trainer who is responsible for your own, passengers in the car and the others passer by’s life.

So unless you are perfect, don’t venture on the road.  Please don’t overtake from the left side, show sidelights whenever taking turns and always wear seat belt.”

The GoaOnWheels team would like to thank Dr. Bramhanand G. S. Cuncoliencar, for taking time of his busy schedule and enlightening us about safety features to be taken car and also being a good Car Doctor, maintaining his Ford Fiesta extremely well.

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