Ownership review of Yamaha R15 by Amey Parkar

Hello everyone and  fellow bikers, I am Amey Parkar from Ponda, Goa. I am currently doing my diploma in Medical Electronics from Agnel Polytechnic Verna. Also into my dads furniture business from past few months.

The craze of biking started when I was small but the real craze was when I was watching a MotoGP race and saw those bikes racing and a new adventure sport jus thrilled my mind. That was the time when I needed a “R” in my life!

About my biking career I started with a Apache RTR 160 cause I dint know how to ride a bike. Later as years went by my riding got more mature and I upgraded. I was always in craze of a sports bike so I was lucky enough to experience the basic stuff on the YZF Yamaha R15! It was a gift for me from my parents on the 21st birthday.

Review :

As starters a first look at the R15, and straight away it reminds me of its big brother, the iconic R1.  Although the R15 has just one cylinder, the radical styling with twin head-lamps gives it a characteristic look, and it looks quite fast. The five-spoke cast-alloy wheels and the sharp looking front also give it a very belligerent appearance.

The R15 carries Yamaha’s trademark Deltabox frame, although this is somewhat concealed by the stylish fairing. The sporty handlebars and instrument cluster add to the charm and you notice the rear disc brake, also the yellow spring of the rear monoshock. Climb on the bike and it really feels light, requiring that you reach out for the handlebars.

The handlebar grips have excellent feel, as a mini superbike. Yamahas have always had first-class build quality, and this is true on the R15 also. Turn on the ignition, and the tachometer needle swings across the dial and back to zero, set at six o’clock. Press the starter button, and you are welcomed with a distinctive single cylinder four-stroke beat.

The R15 comes with a six-speed gearbox with 17bhp and 1.5kgm. Get past 5000rpm and the Yamaha revs easily all the way until close to 10,000rpm. The gears shift accurately, with no fake neutrals or mean shocks. If anything, the gearbox can become a little obstinate while shifting up without the clutch, yet if you learn to adjust the throttle to get around this, it’s a pleasure. Corners can be taken at amazingly high speed on the R15.

The R15 eggs on riders to carry more corner speed until you’re terrified. Even quick changes of direction are met with without problems, but most notable is this bike’s steadiness under braking. Yamaha admits that the R15’s suspension is tuned for Indian roads. The front head lamps is what i really like about this bike as they are dual but not powerful as the projectors of the Pulsar 220 but looks wise it resembles of the old YZF Yamaha R1 with the single light feature as the low beam.

Mileage And Other Factors :

About the top speeds it goes to 130kmph stock. I’ve clicked 121kmph max and couldn’t do more as I ran out of roads. I have done 6600kms as i jus use the bike to reach from Point A to Point B very fast. If I had a chance I would love to take it to her home on the race track 1day jus to get the proper feel of it. I’m planning to upgrade it more if possible in future but as for now I’m happy the way it is. No major problems yet if you service the bike on time and no complaints either. About the mileage very pretty decent figure i suppose 38kpl.in city and 40kpl on highways. Change in filters might have ups and downs depends again on what filter you put in the mileage v/s speed ratio. The rear stock tyre plays a yet very important role as it is a small but I would appreciate MRF on design of it as its a comfortable in handling due to softer compound and grippy feel on tarmac. My advice would be keep the stock tyre as it is even though it looks small but has its advantages.

There are no major disadvantages only what I felt was its not a tourer like the HH ZMR o the pulsars so don’t expect any slow long rides as u intend to hurt your back a little if u tall. Don’t take it on excessive off road as it is clearly mentioned in the bike manual but if u do so please take care as its very low to the ground n tyre will have lesser grips as compared on tarmac.

Tips :

ATGATT : All The Gears All The Time

Warm Up The Bike Good Before A Spin O Ride

Remove Any Unnecessary Excessive Weight From The Bike

Shift At 7500 To 8500 Rpms For Mx Torques

Well that’s about it folks ride safely and responsibly and enjoy the raw power of the Machines!