Riding a non Goan registered bike in Goa??

Riding a non Goan registered bike in Goa?? Well how safe it is? What we need to do to transfer ones bike from their home town to Goa? How easy is it to ride a non Goan registered bike in Goa??

This post is for all those who wish to study/work or stay in Goa and plan to bring their bike or cars form their home town.

Goa being a favourite holiday and toursit destination Riding a non Goan registered bike/car in Goa is not much of hassle. however it woould be advisable for one to take some pre-cautions while riding or driving in Goa.

Well this article should help one answer a few questions:

1) Firstly as per RTO rules one has to get a NOC certificate from their hometown RTO office so that he/she could register his/here bike/scooter in Goa. The NOC certificate is valid for 6 months and one has to register before it gets expired. Roughly one has to pay around Rs. 3000 – Rs. 5000 for registering the bike/Scooter in Goa.

2) Incase one is coming for a short duration of 1-2 years then it is not compulsary to register ones bike in Goa and one continue riding with all valid documenst and papers- Licence, Registration papers, Insurance, and PUC. Its also always helpful to some ID card.

3) It is compulsary to wear helmets for the rider of the two wheeler and use the seat blet while driving on the high way.

Keep tuning this space to get more info as we are going update as an when get more and more info.