Upadte: Weekend Drag Race on the 4th December

Mandovi Entertainments Presents Weekend Drag race with association with FMSCI (The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India) and Team Goa .

Date:  December 4th, 2011 (Sunday)

Timings: 9am to 6pm

Venue: Verna Industrial Estate,Verna,Goa.

Audience: Tourists, Adults & Youngsters.

Purpose : To have Racers from all over Goa who will display their talent and their racing skills in a more appropriate environment and healthy competition on a platform arranged by” Mandovi Entertainments”.

Categories of Participation:

1.            800cc to 1000cc

2.            1101cc to 1300cc

3.            1301cc to 1600cc

4.            Ladies Class

5.            Open Class

6.            Diesel Class

Entry Policy:

Entries Open from 24th November 2011 till 4th December 2011.

Entry for each Category is Rs: 1000/-

Win Trophies & Certificates in Association with FMSCI.

MUSIC & REDBULL goes along well!!!!!!!

Rules and Regulations

1.            All the cars will be scrutinized by our official Scrutiner on the race day and every participant should carry valid documents of the car and license.

2.            Participant should compulsory have helmets and safety belts and other safety kit if required.

3.            We have a “stock class”. So that people can come out and take part and display their talents here in their daily drive. Yes the other classes are expensive to run in. We are here to give a better opportunity to have fun, in a safe way.

4.            To bring to the participants notice that people that anyone with valid documents and license can take part in our event. Than it may be any car a “Maruti 800? or a “Honda civic”. We have classified every car in our event in the respective car segment. We have a exclusive class for women’s.

5.            Our motto is to have such events from time to time to take street racing off the road form Goa. Right now the scene in India is, too many modified cars and no one knows the potential or where to open them up. Eventually people test their cars on the streets adding to the chaos.

6.            Our full event is organized and plan with the advice and guidance of professionals and experts. Team Goa’s motto is to get such events going, encourage the public to come to these events and take part. The street racing will automatically come down.

7.            Organizers have right of admission reserved if we found that the participant are violating the rules of the events. If we found that the participants vehicle has incomplete documents and licenses the officials have right to disqualify the participant from the race

8.            Organizers\officials have right to re-schedule the all the fixtures and car segment which were finalized on race day if required.