Beaches of Goa – Velsao

The Velsao beach lies on the southern coast of Goa and is one of the most vivacious tourist destinations. This small stretch of sandy beach is easily accessible as it lies in between Bogmalo beach on the north and the Majorda and the Colva Beach on the south. The beach also makes an excellent day trip from the other beaches of Goa.

Things to do on Velsao Beach

  1. The beach is famous for its large stretches of silver soft sands and picturesque sunsets. The shoreline of the beach is dotted with numerous palm trees. The lovely long stretch of white sand is perfect for relaxation, strolling and sunbathing.
  2. Velsao Beach is amazingly gorgeous beach that stretches 20 km. Velsao Beach abounds in pristine natural beauty. The air is pure and the surroundings picturesque. The calm and quiet atmosphere of the beach lets you hear the cooing of birds very clearly.
  3. Velsao Beach offers magnificent views of the sunrise and sunset. The seashore can be absolutely empty and free from tourists. Many people also flock here to enjoy the feast of Three Kings at Our Lady of Cures Chapel, which is celebrated every year on the 6th of January.
  4. In case of swimming one must check out with the lifeguards for the strength of the undercurrents even though it is considered safe.
  5. The Velsao Beach also features tempting beachfront cafes, beach shacks and small restaurants offering exotic drinks and delicious local seafood and fish curries. Accommodation is practically nonexistent here.
  6. Best Time to Visit: November – March.