VW India–>Journey so far

Germany engineering, solidity, innovation, safety, state-of-the-art technology….you might already come across these attributes relating to Volkswagen.

The highest volume brand of the Group is Volkswagen. Europe’s most successful car brand has made successful inroads into the Indian market. Volkswagen presents itself in a variety of segments as a premium manufacturer of high-volume models.

As a first step, the Volkswagen brand launched the globally successful Passat in 2007. To expand its portfolio and cater to the mid segment, Volkswagen launched one of the brand’s bestselling models, the Jetta, in India in July 2008. Both the sedans are being assembled locally.

The iconic New Beetle and the high-end SUV Touareg were introduced in December 2009. Also available is the high-end Phaeton. Expect some great new additions to this list in the very near future.

Volkswagen then launched the Polo hatchback in India in February 2010.

From December 12, 2009 the new Pune plant has started rolling-out the hatchback version of the Volkswagen Polo. Recognizing the importance of an extensive dealer network towards scripting a long-term success story, the Volkswagen Group is setting up dealerships spanning the entire country, having in total around 120 dealerships across the country today.

They are not only laying the foundation for a substantial increase in sales but also doing the groundwork for offering a first-class all-round service, taking customer satisfaction to the highest level.  The launch of Polo, the hatchback, is a visible testimony to Volkswagen’s vision of “Mobility – Made in India”.

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