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India Bike Week Day 2014 Day Two

January 19, 2014 Gautam 0

“ This is it bro” I said to Larry as we walked towards our bikes, “ the end of the two most memorable days of our life.” The ride home that followed was very dull, […]

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Kunde Suzuki opens new outlet in Cancona

January 18, 2014 Gautam 1

Goa’s new Suzuki two wheeler dealership, Kunde Suzuki has opened a new outlet at Canancona. The new outlet will cater to sales, service and spare parts for all models of Suzuki two wheelers (scooters & […]

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Carole Nash and NewLaw in ABS tie-up

January 18, 2014 Gautam 0

Carole Nash, the Motorbike insurance specialists, have teamed up with New Law to create a joint venture that will offer personal injury and uninsured loss recovery advice but says it has longer-term plans. They are […]

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INDIA BIKE WEEK 2014 : Day 1

January 17, 2014 Gautam 0

” Dude,we took a wrong turn” said Larry when we realized we were no where close to the INDIA BIKE WEEK 2014 venue. We were lost,  so we decide to  retrace our route back to […]

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Honda Amaze gets a new addition, SX variant

January 17, 2014 vanessa 0

Honda recently introduced a new variant to the Amaze range. The new “SX” variant will come standard with Front Dual Airbags and ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) apart from the other equipment available on a Honda […]

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January 16, 2014 vanessa 0

February 2013 saw a new dawn in the biking community of India, a common platform where bikers from different groups,  motorcycle categories,  and  most importantly different states of India came together at one single venue […]

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Tata takes the Nano for a Twist

January 15, 2014 vanessa 0

Tata motors had successfully bedazzled everybody’s mind  at the launch of the  Nano, -(nano is not Tata’s flagship car). – Tata Motors has gone one step ahead now,  with the addition of new features and […]

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Road Safety – A biker’s Perspective

January 14, 2014 Gautam 0

Goa is celebrating its 25th Road Safety Week and our dear biker friend Yadnesh has some tips to share with fellow riders. Road safety week is celebrated by organizing variety of programmes related to the road […]

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2014 Toyota Etios and Etios Liva launched

January 13, 2014 vanessa 0

Two new grades were recently introduced in the  Toyota Etios and Etios liva  range, VD and VD (Safety Package) have been introduced as top of the line grades specially meant to cater to the luxury need […]

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