ARAI’s website gets a facelift

With most car companies busy launching new products or face lifting their old models ARAI has also received a facelift. When we mean a facelift iit s a new website with a new look and lots more info.

For many who don’t know what ARAI stands for and what is it, and what it does.

ARAI or Automotive Research Association of India, Pune was set up in 1966, is a cooperative industrial Research Association of the Automotive Industry.

The objectives of the Association are Research and Development in automotive engineering for industry, product design and development, evaluation of automotive equipment and ancillaries, standardisation, technical information services, execution of advanced courses on the application of modern technology and conduct of specific tests. Developmental testing and certification, especially as per Euro norms is one of its major activities.

All cars made in India before being launched have to go through a homologation process which is done at ARAI.

ARAI now is a part of NATRiP. National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP), the largest and one of the most significant initiatives in Automotive sector so far, represents a unique joining of hands between the Government of India, a number of State Governments and Indian Automotive Industry to create a state of the art Testing, Validation and R&D infrastructure in the country.

The Project aims at creating core global competencies in Automotive sector in India and facilitate seamless integration of Indian Automotive industry with the world as also to position the country prominently on the global automotive map.

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