Audi cars to get expensive from January 2013

Audi, have announced an increase in price of its model range available in India. The increase would range up to 5 percent across model from January 1, 2013.

Audi registered a total sale of 850 units in October this year, a strong growth of 76 percent over the same period last year (October 2011: 482 units). The brand with the four rings recorded a 55 percent growth rate YTD with 7267 vehicles sold from January to October 2012. (Jan-October 2011: 4692 units).

The company is just a few units away from the pole position and could be the new leader in 2013. Audi has plans to launch a couple of new models in the 20-30 lakhs bracket.

“The overall market scenario is challenging. The rise in input cost, depreciating rupee as well as continuous increase in fuel prices have made us re-evaluate our pricing strategy in India and increase the prices of the entire range. However, we are offering the customers customized and innovative finance options from Audi Finance which will make their purchase more attractive.”, said Michael Perschke, Head, Audi India.

“In spite of the challenges, Audi is the growth driver of the luxury market in India. Our company is also growing from strength to strength with 23 dealerships – the most recent one being Audi Raipur. Keeping our performance in mind, we are confident of surpassing the 2012 sales target of 8000 units even before the year comes to an end”, added Mr. Perschke.