Maruti Suzuki Esteem MONSTERFIED!!!!

How it all started:

Before it became what it is now, the 2001 model Esteem bought in the same year was now rotting after 10 years of use. Since then modern cars forced the Esteem to get out of the picture.

As the car was now given to me by my dad, I thought it was time for a change and to bring new life into the car. While going to an accessory store, I was introduced to the works of Regnex customs. On giving the car to him and knowing about his previous works, I knew my old car wouldn’t be old anymore.

On 13th December 2011 the work of the monster finally started. It took a slow start at first getting all the detail work but the paint job but finally turned out to be a great work of art.

The theme of monster energy, green and black put a ferocious look into the design of the car. The customised exhaust also played a great part on getting the car meaner.

The car’s headlights, one of its kinds in GOA, made the car look more alive with the design of the human eye. While work was in progress I couldn’t help but be at the workshop everyday and even late nights just to see how the works were going on.

In all the car turned out to be the one which people can only dream of and I’m glad that its mine. As i have a craze of modified cars, my old Esteem is now under the list of modified cars in GOA which gets me proud Due to Regnar’s 5 star works on the car.  Now when I drive on the streets people can’t help but look at the car! At night it’s even more attractive with the under body lights. My dream of having a customised car is finally fulfilled and being one of its kind in GOA makes me more proud. The customized works of Regnar and Regnex Customz makes my 2001 Esteem one of the meanest ride in GOA right now!

Story by: Eric Caeiro

All details on the new modified Maruti Esteem

Custom work by: REGNEX Customz

Car: 2001 Maruti Esteem

Owner: Eric Caeiro

Location: Margao Goa


Monster Energy Concept airbrushing

Custom body kit

Personalised custom headlights and tail lights


Custom painted alloy wheels

Free-flow exhaust

Cold air intake

running on synthetic oil

GT Spoiler

underbody super bright plasma LED’s

New addition:

roof scoop

Complete High Decible ICE (In-Car Entertainment) setup with two sub

woofers, DVD palyer, screens, playstation etc

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