Tata opens Nano bookings in four states

Tata Motors began accepting spot bookings for the Nano, in four states. Unlike earlier, the Nano will now be available for a test drive and immediate bookings in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Karnataka. It launched open sales of the Nano in Kerala in August.

Tata Motors launched the Nano in March 2009 but owing to production constraints, decided to select 155,000 buyers through a computerized draw and did not accept bookings after that. The cars were to be delivered in two phases.

In July, the company said it would ramp up production of the Nano as its factory in Sanand, Gujarat, turned operational ahead of schedule

Tata Motors hiked the ex-showroom price-excluding taxes, insurance and other such costs-of the Nano by Rs. 3,700-6,894 in Delhi. The first 100,000 customers, though, are protected from the hike and will get their Nano’s at the announced price of Rs. 1.23-1.72 lakh. Tata Motors has sold 67,752 Nano’s since it began delivery in July 2009.