Volkswagen Polo 1.2 TSI caught testing in India

Volkswagen may have discontinued the Polo 1.6 hatch in the Indian market, but that does not stop the German carmaker from looking to introduce powerful hatchbacks in the Indian market. The 1.6 produced 105 BHP of power and 153 Nm of torque which was loved by petrol heads and car enthusiast. But the luke response and high price forced the company to discontinue the model from the market.

For those Polo customers looking for quick acceleration and higher speeds there is some good news. A Polo with 1.2 TSI badge on the rear was caught testing on the Pune-Mumbai express highway. The car has the same alloy wheels which were recently launched on the Polo upgrades, a GT badge and a roof spoiler. (Read: VW Polo gets updates)

Volkswagen has been planning to introduce the 1.2 TSI engine for quite some time in the Indian market. But high costs and rising petrol prices could have damped the decision. With Ford and other car makers bringing the latest engine technology to Indian market, VW too may have evaluated the decision and may consider local manufacture with heavy localisation.

The 1.2 TSI 4 cylinder produces 104bhp and 175 Nm of torque at just 1500 RPM. The 1.2 TSI is at all launched will come at premium and we can expect the car to be priced by ateast 1 lakh higher. Another option could be a toned version of the same engine doing a decent 85-90PS considering the biggest rival Swift also comes with an 87Ps engine.

Will you pay Rs. 6-7 lakhs for a powerful hatch or just go in for a sedan of similar price point?

Image Source: Overdrive